Disputing errors in a credit report
By Ankit Sharma
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It is very important for every individual to ensure that his credit report is free from mistakes and should know what steps to follow in case he comes across any error in the report. Various surveys done in the US show that a high percentage of credit reports, around 80 percent, contain errors. There may be common errors like out of date house address, employment details or an account mistakenly attributed to a person. Errors may also include omissions like presence of a delinquent account that you have already fixed.

Many customers get infuriated when they come across any error in the credit report. However, if you notice any mistake in your credit report, do not panic. Remain calm and rational to approach credit report errors. Decide exactly what the mistake is and try to determine if it is really a mistake. With a little caution, such mistakes can be removed or updated rather quickly from your credit report. You can take the following steps in order to remove mistakes from your credit report.

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