Know if you are in CIBIL’s list of defaulters or not
By Ankit Sharma
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CIBIL does not confer any entity/individual as defaulter. It only gives an idea about the actual credit status of the borrower. Whether an individual is to be considered a defaulter is entirely at the discretion of the concerned bank.

Borrowers can access a copy of Credit Information Report (CIR) by sending a demand draft of Rs 142/- to CIBIL along with the respective control number from the bank. The payment can also be made online. For more details, kindly refer to

The following documents are required in the process:

• CIR Request Form

• Identity Proof (PAN/Passport/Voter's ID)

• Address Proof ( Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill)

In case bank refuses to provide control number, then a complaint can be filed on the website of the bank. In case the bank does not respond to the complaint within 15 days then the individual can lodge a complaint with the banking ombudsman along with a copy of the complaint filed at the bank's website as proof.

It is to be noted that a direct complaint to banking ombudsman without registering it with the bank will be considered as invalid and not be entertained.

In case a person has cleared his dues with the bank and the same has not been updated with CIBIL, the above mentioned process is to be followed by the person along with obtaining a no objection certificate (NOC) from the bank.


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1. I need help from CIBIL clearance.
Ashish Bansal (Posted: Jul 27, 2014)
2. • You do not know what is your credit score or credit history.

• You do not understand your CIBIL report.

• You have defaulted on some loan or card in the past 15 years.

• You plan to apply for a housing loan or other kind of new loan.

• Your CIBIL report shows some accounts as written off or overdue.

• Your CIBIL report score is below 700.

• You loan or card application is rejected.

• You have some accounts on your CIBIL report which you believe is not yours.

• You have closed or settled some accounts and the status of the same is still not updated.

• You have settled many accounts in the past and it’s classified as settled or settled post write off.

• You CIBIL report is NA or NH.

• You are currently overseas and need help in getting a CIBIL report.

If you are facing following issues, do not worry we will help you to rectify cibil issues & improve score , Kindly reach me on 09686884421.
Cibil Clearance (Posted: Jul 25, 2014)
3. *LOANS or CREDIT CARD Aplications Getting rejected ??

*LOW Score in CIBIL??

*Your CIBIL report shows some accounts as written off or overdue

*Your CIBIL report score is below 700

*You loan or card application is rejected

*You have some accounts on your CIBIL report which you believe is not yours

*You have closed or settled some accounts and the status of the same
is still not updated.

*You CIBIL report is NA or NH

CALL : 8951294076
## CIBIL SOLUTION'S ## (Posted: Jul 22, 2014)
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