Claim tax deduction on education loan
By Neelima Shankar
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Have you taken an education loan to support your higher studies and are not aware of the tax benefits that you are entitled to. Then here is a guide that will assist you to know tax benefits on education loans. These benefits help you to reduce the overall cost of your education loan.

Loan borrower

First and foremost it should be noted that tax deductions on education loan can only be claimed if the loan has been taken in your own name. If your parents, spouse or sibling has taken the loan for your studies, then you are not entitled to get tax benefit. The tax benefit is only valid for the person who has taken loan for his own education. So given that the education loan is in your name and you have started repaying it, tax benefits can be availed.

Tax deduction

If you have taken an education loan, you can claim a deduction under section 80 E of the Income-Tax Act for the interest paid on the loan. The amount of interest paid is eligible for deduction and moreover there is no cap on the amount to be deducted. You can deduct the entire interest amount from your taxable income. However there is no benefit available on the repayment of principal amount of the loan.

Earlier there was a restriction on the tax benefit to be deducted from the income. Only Rs 40,000 per year or total amount that included both the principal and interest paid during the year, whichever is lower, was allowed as a tax benefit.

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1. I was taken education loan of Rs.21,3000 on 10/10/2012 for my full time MBA course. our family have income certificate of Rs.2000 only so Can i get any deduction benifit from interest or any other way. plz tel me
Lohith K K (Posted: Jun 27, 2014)
2. I borrowed loan in 2005 , till 2012march i paid a few , so there was acumulated interest in financial year 2013-14 , i paid accumulated interest plus interest for year 2013-14 . eg accumulated interest 1 lacks + 40 k for yr 2013-14 , now i got only tax benifit on 40 k , is this ok or i should get benifit on total rs 140000 that i paid during financial yr 13-14.
deepak kumar (Posted: Mar 19, 2014)
3. My nephew has taken education loan and I am Co- borrower. How I will be eligible for I Tax benefit ?
sanjay vyas (Posted: Feb 14, 2014)
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