Regular fixed deposits in India: Great way to earn more interest than savings account
if a person enroll the FD Rs 10000 compound interest rate scheme in a bank for 10% on 3year, once the bank change the FD % to 9 % whither the rate of interest of the FD will be change automatically or it will be remind same until the maturity
john jebaraj (Posted: Nov 8, 2008)
i want interest every month on nfixed deposit of 10 lakh rupees
chandra shekhar joshi (Posted: Oct 22, 2008)
how suitable for increse in investment
mainuddin (Posted: Sep 7, 2008)
Can I open a FD say for 1 lakh for 10 yrs and can I add more amount to the same 10 yrs FD after 2 yrs and still earn todays 10 yrs interest later for the balance amount even if the interest rate drops ?
Jit (Posted: Aug 14, 2008)
Calculating Interest on FDs is a very good facility on your web site. Kindly incorporate the option of duration (period) in Y/M/D because some banks issue FDs for 1Y, others for 16 M 13/14 D, and some others for 361, 390, 400, .... days etc.
S BANGLANI (Posted: Aug 9, 2008)
On what the FD rates depends upon??? and will FD rates will go down day by day or go up???
Bhushan BR (Posted: Jun 30, 2008)
Hi I am Indian, Among SBI and UCO bank which one is safer for Fixed Deposit
also, whether I need to maintain minimum balance in my savings account to open a FD account?
Mehboob (Posted: Jun 11, 2008)
You can do so. Many indian banks operate in Singapore such as Uco Bank (serangoon, Raffles Place), Indian Overseas Bank ( Raffles Place), Indian Bank ( Raffles Place). You can open an account with any of them. You will get high interest rates only if you invest in indian rupees.
Vijay (Posted: Jun 3, 2008)
Hai I am a singaporean and would like to know how to open an FD account in singapore with an Indian Bank in India. Can I do it here in singapore as the FD rates in s'pore bank are giving very low interet rates. Thanks.
Mohamed (Posted: Mar 6, 2008)

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