Loan against Securities: A viable substitute of expensive personal loans
Don't waste time with fake lenders. You have to read this.

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Jones finance (Posted: Nov 19, 2015)

when i could not face my Debt any more, my son was on hospital bed for surgery that involve huge money and i also needed some money to refinance then i have to seeks for Assistance from friends and when there was no hope any more i decide to go online to seek a loan and i find Marian Lawson Loan company ( with 2% interest Rate and applied immediately with my details as directed. Within seven Days of my application She wired my loan amount with No hidden charges and i could take care of my son medical bills, Renew my rent bill and pay off my debt. I will advice every loan seeker to contact Marian Loan Company with
John Hood (Posted: Jul 26, 2015)
Welcome to Thomas Credit Firm, I am an international business man and Lender that has offered Loans to so various individual and firms in Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. We give out our Loan for a interest rate of 2% per annul for a minimum of 100.00 to a maximum of 100,000,000.00 rubles, dollars, pounds, euros, etc. The maximum loan term we can offer is 30 Years at fixed interest rate.
Available Loans
* Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
* Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
* Combination Loan (Secure and unsecured)
* Consolidation Loan (Secure and unsecured)
* Mortgage Loans (Secure and unsecured)

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Thomas Dawson (Posted: Jul 9, 2015)
Phone insurance isn't an exciting topic. But it is a topic a lot of people have questions about, particularly when it comes to two things: who's the best, and is phone insurance actually a good investment? As you'll see, those questions don't really have an easy answer. But I'm going to break down one of the India's most popular insurance Company i.e. Times Global Insurance, alternatives (like your homeowners policy), and explore whether phone insurance is even actually a good idea given your individual needs.
Times Global Insurance is probably the most popular non-carrier phone insurer in India. They have low deductibles (Rs 150/month for pretty much any non-iPhone), simple coverage terms, and they'll even give you a big discount if you buy a 2-year policy (Rs 125) up front instead of going month to month . What Times Global Insurance doesn't do is loss or theft coverage - your phone has to be in your possession in order to make a claim under your policy. As such, the policy only covers accidental damage and malfunction, and you generally can purchase the policy online through http:///www.mymobileinsurance.comor can call 01165000444 over phone, provided your device should in working condition on policy date.
What sort of damage is covered? Times Global says drops, spills (including full immersion), and wear and tear resulting from typical use of the phone. Wear and tear even includes the battery if it drops below 50% of the original capacity, though if you have a sealed phone this would mean sending it in to Times Global Insurance.
Times Global Insurance also has a major advantage in the event your phone is deemed beyond repair: they'll just pay you the cost of replacing it (by their estimate - meaning the cost of a refurbished device, usually) once you submit your deductible payment. They'll even send they money directly to your Bank account. TimesGlobal unlike many phone insurers, doesn't deal in refurbished smartphones, and would prefer just to pay out if they can't fix your device.
Overall, Times Global Insurance provides good protection against accidental phone damage, and at a pretty good value if you choose to enroll in a 2-year plan.
tgi (Posted: Jun 30, 2015)
Taking loans and that too personal loans is a very lengthy and tiresome process like mentioned in the article has to carefully go through all the terms and conditions etc..with the advent of sites like etc it has become much easier to compare personal loans and apply it online..
Srikar Prasad (Posted: Oct 21, 2014)
I completely agree with the above comment.thanks for sharing a such use full information. The loan against securities is the type of loan that is offered when you pledge some of your security holdings. The procedure is also very simple as you just need to pledge your securities and the loan will be
ravikumar (Posted: Jan 2, 2014)
I appreciate the ideas and this is very nice article and have great information.
metconfinance (Posted: Feb 12, 2013)

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