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Having a keen interest in Indian personal finance topics especially credit cards, education loans and having a special interest in promoting financial awareness among the people, Ankit Sharma blogs regularly at A graduate from Mumbai University, Ankit brings the never-say-die, Mumbaikar attitude to his work.
By Ankit Sharma

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Wednesday, October 1
43rd Branch of Canara Bank in Thiruvananthapuram Circle

Public sector bank - Canara Bank has planned to set up a new branch at Perunthanni. Canara Bank is one among the leading banks of the country. Bank has planned to expand its banking network in Kerala. General Manager of the bank Mr. KR Balachandran along with the Perunthanni Padmakumar, Ward Councillor will inaugrate the branch.

This is the 43rd new branch of the bank in the Thiruvananthapuram Circle. Apart from this there...

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Tuesday, September 30
Discount and offers at the Yes Bank ATMs

Private sector Bank – Yes Bank has announced its plans to offer various discounts benefits and schemes at the ATMs to its customers. In order to facilitate its customers with variety of offers and exclusive scheme, bank has decided to provide offers on ATM deals to the customers.

All the Yes Bank customers can avail these offers. All the account holders the bank can avail the offers on cash withdrawal and fund transfers. Apart...

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Monday, September 29
New Rupay Debit card rolled out by A.P co-op Bank

It has been reported that A.P Mahesh urban co-op bank has rolled out its Rupay debit card. To make the banking transactions hassle free for its customer the bank.

The Chairman of the bank also informed that this Rupay debit card will provide the faster and cheaper transactions. The processing of the Rupay debt card will be done in our country itself. The usage of the international credit card leads to higher transaction costs....

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Friday, September 26
UCO bank signed MOU with CCAvenue

Most of the customers these days are tech savvy. Without much effort customers prefer to do banking online. With the view banking payments easier through the use of plastic money as well as through online banking .UCO Bank has signed a Memorandum with CCAvenue.

CCAvenue is one of the largest and reputed payment gateway provider. Through this partnership the bank will facilitate the bank customers to shop through various sites that are in association...

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Thursday, September 25
Increase in Interchange fee has made the financial viability of ATMs tougher.

It has been reported that a slowdown has been noticed in the establishment of ATMs across the country. The feasibility of ATMs is severely affected due to rising issues of the increas in interchange fee, capping of free transactions at the ATM.

Reports have shown that private banks have added only 607 ATMs. In 2013-14, they'd added a total of 5,366 ATMs. Hitherto the public banks have established only 6240 ATMs and in the...

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Wednesday, September 24
Exclusive product NRI advantage rolled out by ICICI bank

For the Non Residents Indians ICICI bank has introduced a new product. The bank has launched this new product with purpose to serve and cater the non- financial needs of the NRI customers.

The new product named NRI advantage is basically for the NRI Pro, NRI premia and NRI savings account customers. This product will help the customers to avail several special offers and discounts. The Executive director of the bank also informed that...

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Tuesday, September 23
ICICI bank introduced new mobile banking apps for its customers

Yesterday the leading institution of the private sector – ICICI bank unveiled 4 new banking apps. Bank has introduced new mobile applications to offer basic banking transactions to the customer over the mobile phone.

The new apps are: ICICI Store app, Insta Banking app, Video Banking app and mPassbook app. The customer can easily download these apps from the Google play store and use them. The app will allow the customer to initiate a...

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Monday, September 22
A cooperative bank introduced ATM cum Bank on wheels in Mangalore

A cooperative bank in Manglore - South Canara District Central Cooperative (SCDCC) has recently launched Bank cum ATM for the people. To make banking more comfortable for the people bank has introduced Bank cum ATM on Wheels with the help of NABARD.

In the office area of the Bank NABARD launched a cheque/cash drop kiosk. Chief general manager of the bank stated that cooperatives banks are no less than the commercial they...

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Thursday, September 18
RBI pondering to launch more POS terminals equivalent to the issuance of debit cards

Reserve bank of India has asked bank to launch more number of Point of sales machine at the merchant establishment. RBI is thinking to connect the issuance of Debit cards with the establishment of POS machines.

RBI stated that under PMJDY, banks are creating millions of new savings account in turn millions of new debit card will get issued, so it is necessary to create equivalent number of new POS else it might lead...

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Tuesday, September 16
Axis bank introduced e-surveillance at the ATMs

Recently it was reported that with the purpose of enhancing the security at the ATMs the banks will opt for the e- surveillance method. Axis bank with no delay at the earliest has launched e-surveillance at the ATMs.

The Axis bank ATMs will now be monitored 24X7 by a centralized system. The executive and retail head of the bank has reported that bank is elated with the launch of this facility at the...

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Monday, September 15
Customer can make online shopping without giving credit/ debit card details

No longer the customer needs to produce credit card details or online banking password for making purchase at online retail store. It has been reported that Electronic payment and transaction processing solutions provider Euronet will now offer the customers with a digital code, through this code the customers will easily make their purchase without the need of revealing any debit or credit card details.

The customer can buy a digital code online or in the...

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Friday, September 12
RBI not in favor of banks to increase the interchange fee

Reserve bank of India informed that it is not in the favor of the banks decision to increase the interchange fees charged by the banks for ATM transactions. Interchange fee is the fee that bank charges from another in case he uses the other bank’s ATM. The first three transactions at other ATMs are free and after this, the bank can choose to pass on the cost to the consumer.

Highlighting the issues RBI stated...

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Thursday, September 11
ICICI customers can now withdraw cash without debit card

The largest private bank of the country – ICICI bank has initiated the facility of card less cash for its customers. Now the customers can easily withdraw cash without the need of card at the ATMs.

Through the customers will be able to transfer the money from their account to anyone else account in the country. These will ease the money transfer and withdrawal for the customers. Without the need of the debit...

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Wednesday, September 10
Bank worried due to rising ATM attacks

Recently the banks have reported that they are facing losses due to the increase in number of ATM frauds. Banks have observed that, their practice of appointing new guards at the ATMs went in vein.

There measures have not helped them in controlling the ATM frauds. Banks are quite worried and are looking forward to the new ways to protect the ATMs. Banks will now equip the ATM with latest centralized surveillance system, through which...

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Tuesday, September 9
SBI approached RBI to roll out contactless card

The leading lending institution of the country – State Bank of India has approached the reserve bank with the proposal to roll out a PIN free debit card. The bank wanted to launch a card through which the customers can make the transactions without entering the PIN.

Currently to use the card for any purpose the customer is required to punch the PIN, bank wanted that for the small transactions i.e. for the...

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Monday, September 8
Banking malware on the peak in the country

According to the reports India is observed as the third most affected country in terms of Online banking frauds. Due to the rapidly increasing use of internet banking the crimes involving online banking frauds are rising heavily.

According to the data of April to June 2014, it has been noticed that online malware has affected India severely. India ranks third after Japan and US. Within a period of month India posed for cybercriminal expansion with...

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Friday, September 5
New Rules of ATM transactions: RBI

The apex bank of the country – RBI has made certain amendments for the ATM transactions. From past few months it is being reported that free ATM transactions are going to be reduced to three from five. This will be applicable soon in six metro cities Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Every time the customer will make any transaction form non home ATM branch, he will be charged with Rs 15. ...

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Wednesday, September 3
Festival bonanza for shopaholics by Axis Bank

A leading private sector lending institution – Axis bank has unveiled its exclusive festive offers for its customers. The bank is rolling out a three day ‘Shopaholic online festival’ beginning from September 2, 2014.

The offer is exclusively for the Axis bank credit and debit card users. The bank has joined hand with different 52 renowned online merchants. With the help of these, the bank will be offering primer online offers and exclusive sale...

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Thursday, August 28
Hike in E-banking complaints

It has been observed that the complaints regarding online banking frauds is rapidly increasing. According to the banking Ombudsman in 2013-14, the major number of the complaints received were regarding ATM and debit cards.

Last Day in a conference, Krishna Mohan stated that number of complaints have increased by 4 per cent at 4,477 in the two states. The apex bank has asked the banks to monitor and keep a check on the online...

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Tuesday, August 26
Exciting festive offers by the banks

As the festive season is approaching the banks have started introducing new exclusive offers for the customers. This time the offers are not only limited to lower interest rates for retail loans, but many much offers are there. Bank will be offering online shoppers extra card points and cash back benefit etc.

The reports have stated that PNB bank and federal bank are offering lower rates on the loans where as SBI and ICICI...

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