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By Neelima Shankar

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Wednesday, March 26
A new child plan Siksha Super plus rolled out by Max Life Insurance

In order to facilitate children with more facilities and help, Max Life Insurance Company unveiled its plan to roll out a unit linked plan for the children. The company has launched Shikshs Super plan that will assist the children in their education and career.

The plan will look after the overall development of the child by availing all the resources required. This plan will also provide the customer with the facility of investing premiums...

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Wednesday, March 26
Indian post attempting to expand its banking business

Even though the chances of the getting the banking license for the Indian post is less due to the lack of infrastructure, still the Indian Post is working to expand its business. It has been reported that Indian post will be coming up with 2800 new ATMs by the end of next fiscal year.

Bank is attempting to attract more number of customers to open the post office savings accounts. Indian post is widely spread...

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Wednesday, March 26
New branch rolled out by SBT bank

In order to expand its banking network State Bank of Travancore has launched a new branch in Thiruvananthapuram. It has been reported that this Monday Sajeev Krishnan, Chief General Manager of the bank initiated a new branch at at Ambalathara in the suburbs of the city.

At the inauguration senior officials of the bank including Suresh M Nair, Deputy General Manager; Suresh Savekar, Deputy General Manager; K Muraleedharan Pillai, General Secretary, SBT Employees...

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Tuesday, March 25
New white labels to be rolled out by Tata communications Payment

A day before Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL), stated that they are planning to roll out 15,000 new ATMs across the country by 2016. TCPSL is the first non banking company to launch the white label ATMs network. The company launched its first ATM in the June last year. It has has so far set up 1,000 ‘Indicash’ ATMs across India.

CEO of the company Mr. Sanjeev patel stated...

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Monday, March 24
BMB expanding its network in North Eastern Region

It has been reported that soon Women oriented bank of the country Bhartiya Mahila Bank will initiate three new branches in the north eastern parts of the country. With full planning and efforts bank is rapidly expanding its branches all over the country.

The three new branches are established in Agartala, Meghalya and Itanagar. The CMD of the bank will be initiating the branch of Agartala today. The bank has established its first...

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Friday, March 21
SBI new credit scheme for student loan aspirants

Good news is lined up for the education loan seekers. Country’s largest lending bank State Bank of India is thinking to launch a new credit scheme for school – level teenagers. The purpose of the bank to come up with this initiative is to help the students in developing a friendly environment with the banks and assist them in getting education loan easily.

Highlighting the features of the scheme the managing director of...

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Friday, March 21
Insurance companies rolling out new mobile Apps

The Indian insurance companies are rolling out new mobile apps in order to ease enhance the comfort of the customers. It has been reported that Insurance companies are launching new mobile apps that will help customers to choose the products easily. Recently New India Assurance company has launched a mobile app through which the customers can renew and buy new policies without making much effort. The senior officer of the company reported that they...

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Friday, March 21
RBI deputy governor resigned three months earlier

Recently it has been reported that the deputy governor of apex bank- Reserve bank of India resigned from his work. Yesterday Mr. K.C. chakrabarty suddenly exited from his work. Mr. chakrabarty were supposed to retire in June 2014, But yesterday morning he ended up his term. MR. charkrabarty is a well experienced man. Prior to this he has worked with Indian bank and PNB bank He was appointed as RBI deputy governor...

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Thursday, March 20
Banks will be working this weekend

Tax payers can pay the tax on weekend also. It has been reported that bank branches will be working this weekend in order to collect the tax. The bank branches will be open for full day on 29, 30 and 31 March 2014. Many of the banks did not work on weekends and on the last day of the financial i.e. 31st march but this time they will facilitate tax collection facility for the full...

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Thursday, March 20
Exclusive subsidy scheme for education loan buyers of SBT

In order to facilitate its student customers with comfort, a state owned bank state bank of Travancore has decided to avail its students with a special scheme. The bank will provide onetime special subsidy scheme to the students who have taken education loan before 31st March 2009. In order to facilitate this scheme it is required that parental income should be more than 4.5 lakh per year.

The interest facility is applicable only on the...

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Wednesday, March 19
New loan product rolled out by federal bank

Soon federal bank is initiating a new overdraft facility for its customers. For the first time in the banking industry a bank is coming up with this kind of product. The bank reported that this innovative product will be offering several benefits to customers along with an overdraft facility against recurring deposits.

In this overdraft facility, the customers will be sanctioned 90% of the maturity value of recurring deposit as an overdraft limit at...

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Tuesday, March 18
Education loan becoming a good opotion

After the finance minister has announced a moratorium period for all education loans taken up to March 31, 2009, and outstanding as of March 31, 2013, students facing the high expenditure problems has come to relief. It has been reported that after this decision of the finance minister the portfolio of education loan of banks has rised staedily. The finance ministry is keeping a proper check on lending of the banks.

Till the december...

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Friday, March 14
SBI first to start up ePay facility

For the first time a state run bank State bank of India is starting up the facility of payment gateway. SBI is setting up its payment gateway – SBI ePay. SBI ePay basically is an online aggregator service. In order to facilitate its customers with easier access in making payments SBI has come up with this facility.

Through this facility merchants and customers will be able to make payments through online banking, mobile banking,...

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Friday, March 14
Banks need to be cautious on suspicious transactions

Since the elections are approaching, the election commissioner has instructed the banks to be careful and keep a strict watch on suspicious money withdrawals and deposits. The banks are supposed to report the respective election officer of the state regarding the suspicious transactions. Candidates and parties are asked to open separate accounts for transactions of receipt and payment for election purposes.

Further the banks are instructed to report if they encounter any unusual transfer of...

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Thursday, March 13
New jobs coming up in banking sector

Establishment of new banks in the country will be generating jobs in the country. A couple of new banks are there to start up in country. It has been reported that these bank will be requiring staff, therefore there will be hiring of graduates for the services. According to reports current banks are also looking forward to hiring in order to enhance their services.

It is expected that the banking sector will be high...

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Wednesday, March 12
Max Life Insurance working with Toyota Financial service

In order to avail car loan customers with better car insurance cover, one of the largest insurance companies Max life Insurance has decided to work jointly with Toyota Financial service. It has been reported that through this joint venture car loan customers of Toyota Financial Services under a Max Life group product called Max Life Group Credit Life Secure will be provided with better car insurance covers.

According to the agreement signed between the two...

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Tuesday, March 11
New deposit plan of SBH: SBH -110 weeks

For the depositors of state bank of Hyderabad, bank has rolled out anew deposit scheme SBH-110 weeks. The plan will be offering various exclusive facilities to the customers. The bank stated that under the scheme the depositor will get higher rate of interest for their medium period investment. Further the facility of overdraft and loan is also available.

The scheme is valid for a limited period of time from 10th march to 30th April,...

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Tuesday, March 11
The rising NPAs in education loans

According to the industry evaluation it has been noticed that the gross NPAs in educational loan have increased in past few months. Indian Bank reports showed that 5% of the educational loan of the bank accounts for bad loans. The glooming economy of the country has made it harder for the students to find the job, and therefore they are not able to pay the loan payments on time.

Similarly the Indian Overseas bank...

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Monday, March 10
Exclusive health insurance cover for girl child by New India Assurance

Good news is lined up for the gird children. One of the biggest insurance Companies of the country New India assurance has unveiled a special health insurance for the girl children. The plan named new Asha Kiran, will be offering 50% concession to the families with the girl child. It has been reported that under this plan the family with assured with an accident cover, if any mishap happens with the parents, the...

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Monday, March 10
Women oriented branch of IOB in ludhiana

Recently Indian overseas bank launched second all India woman branch in model town Ludhiana. The oldest women customer of the Indian overseas bank initiated the new branch on Sunday. At the inauguration ceremony the manager of the first women branch, other branch managers and staff members were also present.

Now day’s banks are focusing more towards the women and trying to provide more banking facilities to the women, contributing to the same the...

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