Retail Loans in India: Facts and Reviews
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By Neelima Shankar

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Monday, December 2
More insurance choices offered by banks

In order to enhance the insurance penetration, banks are now working as brokers for various insurance companies and are providing their customers with more choices. On Friday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued the guidelines which were awaited by the banks in regards to them acting as insurance brokers, in comparison to the guidelines which had been issued earlier by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA).

Presently, the banks are only allowed...

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Monday, December 2
Banks to provide interest rates at shorter interval: RBI

Reserve bank of India instructed banks to provide the customers with the interest at a shorter period. Now the customers will het the interest rates on savings accounts, fixed deposits at a time less than 3 months.

As per the earlier guidelines banks were supposed to pay the interest at a time period of 3 months or greater than this. But now the customers can avail the interest rates on savings at term deposits...

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Monday, December 2
34 LIC policies to be discontinued by December 31

Life Insurance Corporation, giant in the Indian insurance sector has made a decision to discontinue selling around 34 policies, in order to comply with the recent regulatory guidelines. This will also include Jeevan Saral, Jeevan Madhur and Jeevan Anand. As of December 7th, Jeevan Amrit will be out of the market. On December 14, the withdrawal of Jeevan Surbhi as well as on December 21 and December 28 there will be two other schemes...

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Friday, November 29
Crore made from small depositors by Nidhi firms

After the Saradha plunder, an alternate risk is prowling in the currency market holding up to eat up little investors. Numerous firms acting like "banks" are putting forth premium rates higher than that of banks on fixed deposits, when the Reserve Bank has issued no managing an account license in the most recent 10 years. One such "bank" has even set up bulletins over the city welcoming deposits. It offers loans against mortgages.

As per...

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Friday, November 29
Rise in number of people applying for education loan

State level banker’s committee (SLBC) secretariat reported that a significant raise in people applying for education loan is noticed. It is expected that SLBC will excel with greater number of education loans this year. Last year SLBC sanctioned 8,872 student loans worth Rs 361 crore, and this fiscal year it will be more than this. Though there is a rise in education loan but much is needed to be done to aware people regarding...

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Thursday, November 28
Increase by 40% on premiums for insurance of motors

Premium rates for motor insurance third part companies are prone to go up no less than 40 per cent as the controller has steeply climbed the money general insurance agencies need to set aside for gathering the high asserts in this line of business. As per T. S. Vijayan, Chairman of IRDA, the steep climb was proposed by an actuarial council for the declined danger pool

As of now, the measure of the declined...

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Thursday, November 28
Liberty requested by Local Banks towards mobility of deposits

In order to receive deposits from temple trusts and companies, the Reserve Bank was asked by the local banks to put them under the 'scheduled banks' category. Scheduled banks are generally preferred by temple trusts and company to place deposits. In the country, there are four LABs, they are Subhadra which is Kolhapur based, Krishna Bhima Samruddhi based in Mahabubnagar, Costal and the country's largest LAB, Capital which is based in Jalandhar.

LABs provide finance...

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Wednesday, November 27
One day strike going to observed on December 19 by bank unions

As per a statement made on Monday by the All India Bank Officers Federation, On December 19, Bank representatives, incorporating officers, will watch a day long strike to press for different requests, for example wage modification.

General Secretary of The Associate Bank Officers Association, and Deputy General Secretary of the All India Bank Officers Federation, Deputy General Secretary, unit State Bank of Patiala's Pramod Sharma expressed " As per a decision made by the...

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Wednesday, November 27
Executive of SBI asked to go on leave during probe of bribery case

Shyamal Acharya, one of the bank's deputy managing director of State Bank of India has been asked to take leave due to the current investigation going on a bribery case which is being investigated by the CBI.

As per a statement made by The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday, they stated that they have received documents which are incriminating during the searches made. The documents have been sent for further investigation. SBI...

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Tuesday, November 26
Mobile banking system to be launched by the Govt. in rural areas

In an offer to give doorstep banking facilities in rustic territories, the State Government has chosen to present versatile managing an account administration in 20 pieces of 10 tribal commanded regions of the State. The agriculturists in remote territories face a ton of issues in enjoying the banking facilities when they need to trek miles just to either store their cash or withdraw the endorsed advances.

Furthermore, the framework will provide facilities of maturity...

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Tuesday, November 26
Investment in floating rates deposits

A few years back, fixed deposits (FDS) were presented by some public sector (PSU) banks with floating premium rates on the guidance of the minister of finance. In spite of the fact that there were relatively few takers around then, its presently that the investors engage for these items has begun going up.

This is due to the bounce in the investment rate structure in the later past because of the RBI's rupee stabilization endeavors....

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Tuesday, November 26
Unclaimed amounts of Rs 3,652 in bank accounts

Across the nation in banks, there is more than Rs.3,6000 crore which is still unclaimed in the provisional areas. As per the bank's data which was released by the banks on Thursday, the reason why there are unclaimed funds which can be seen as per a record as on December 2012, of more than 1.33 crore bank accounts which have not been operated.

Until December 2012, there has been an overall accrued interest of approximately...

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Monday, November 25
DBS bank to launch more banking branch in India.

To enhance and expand the banking, India should start up its banking sector to foreign banks, and try to tap the power of foreign banks. Piyush Gupta, chief executive of Singapore's DBS Group Holdings said that this will help the banking sector to overcome the capital shortfall.

Further he announced that, once the restrictions over establishing branches will be eliminated, DBS the fourth largest foreign bank in India with 12 branches and 37 ATMs,...

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Monday, November 25
New financial products in the look out by SBI chief

With moneylenders encountering push on their infra advance books, the head of nation's biggest bank SBI has called for a need to acquaint new items with account the long-development undertakings, incorporating refinancing the advances every five years. Monetary development is at around half the potential while the undertakings are not going ahead stream because of a group of issues with clearances and the awkwardness of the promoters, she said.

It might be noted...

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Friday, November 22
Lok Adalat to monitor loan related issues of banks

After a troubled period in the bank loan sectors, now the Nation Legal Service authority has decided to set up Lok Adalat in different districts of India. The aim of these legal services providing association is to help the banks in the recovery of loan payments and the dishonour of the cheque payment issues.

This court has set up by following the directives of the Legal Service Authorities Act of 1987.Now they will find out...

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Friday, November 22
Burdwan to have first ICICI banking branch

Country’s largest private sector bank, ICICI bank initiated its first new banking branch in Burdwan, West Bengal. Dr. Sanjay Kumar chief medical officer inaugurated the branch near HCF office gate in Rupnaryanpur on 20, November 2013.

The branch will serve its customer 6 days a week. The working hours of the bank will be 9 a.m to 6 p.m Monday to Friday and 9 a.m to 2 p.m on Saturday. Personal loan, home loan,...

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Thursday, November 21
The rise of interest rate in Government bonds is about to influence the flow of liquid money in capital market

A recent report reveals that RBI is concerned for the last increasing of interest rates in the Government bonds. RBI suspects that this latest hike in the interest rates of different Government bond will soon influence the interest rates of long-term deposits on other banks. Since the country is already suffering a problem of low fund in the financial sector and if the rates of other banks will move above 9%, it will create a...

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Thursday, November 21
Canara Bank to achieve the higher rate of manpower productivity

R.K.Dubey, the Chairman and managing Director of Canara bank informed that this public sector bank has able to achieve higher productivity rate of work force. On the eve of 108th establishment anniversary, he mentioned that

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Wednesday, November 20
RBI to provide loan to women with a low interest rate

Reserve Bank of India’s head personnel Raghuram Rajan has announced to provide loans to women of self help groups. Here RBI’s head instructed to charge a rate of 7 percent per annum behind this loan and to get a subvention of interest rate under the scheme of Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana-Aajeevika.

The source also informed that this loan will be available to all the Public Sector banks of India. Now the Rural banks of India...

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Wednesday, November 20
Repco Bank , to hit the business of Rs. 10,000crore this year.

Union Home Ministry operated enterprise Repco Bank has provided a business of Rs. 10,000 crore. According to the fiscal record it is said that this bank will bring a business of Rs. 11,000crore for this year.

From the business graph it is found that in 2012-13 financial year, this bank has earned 28% extra profit than bygone years. In spite of the financial drawback, this bank has earned a remarkable profit which may grow...

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