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  Punjab National Bank Classic Debit Card
  • This is the most popular debit card for saving account holders.
  • Classic debit card can be issused in the personalized and non- personalized form.
  • In the non-personalized form, name of the customer is engrossed.
  • It is a signature based card that can be used at POS terminals like a credit card (i.e. swipe the card at POS terminal and sign the receipt).
  • The card can also be used in Internet for shopping (E-commerce transactions). As per the norms, a Debit card has to be registered for 3 D secure password before it can be used for e-commerce transaction.

  Punjab National Bank
  • This debit card is meant for premium customers.
  • Apart from having all the characteristics of PNB Classic Debit Card, it can also hold photographs of the card holder.
  • The per day withdrawal limit of the PNB Platinum Debit Card at ATM is Rs 50000/- and at POS/ for e-commerce- Rs 125000/-

  PNB mitrra ATM/debit card

  • MITRA ATM card is meant for Mitra Account holder as well as other Account holders who wish to opt for it.

  • Mitra card is a Non-Personalized ATM card, which is also available in the Biometric variant.

  •   RuPay Debit & Kisan Card

  • This RuPay card is magnetic strip card.

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