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Dena bank provides you home loan under Dena Niwas Home loan to meet your requirement of owning a house. You can avail of Dena Niwas Home Loan to purchase a plot, construct a house, buy a ready built house or buy one under construction. The loan even helps you build an extension to your existing house or purchase a house that is up to 50 years old provided the remaining life of the house is more than 25 years. Besides you can take this loan for repairs and upgradation, which includes the cost of fixtures, POP works, retiling, fittings etc.

It even gives you the option to shift an existing home loan with any other Bank or Financial Institution.
Interest Rate 0%
Loan Amount 1) Loans less than Rs.20 lakhs : 10% of cost of the house property (excluding stamp duty, registration charges, etc).

2) Rs.20 lakhs & up to 75 lacs : 20% of cost of the house property (excluding stampduty, registration charges, etc)

3)Loans above Rs.75 lakhs - 25% of cost of the house property
Tenure Min. - 5 Yrs.
Max. - 25 Yrs.
Time to Process Loan 7 days
Interest Rates
Tenure Interest Type Interest Rate Offer
10 - 20 Yrs. Fixed 11.25 % Regular (Limit up to Rs. 30.00 Lacs)
1 - 5 Yrs. Fixed 11.25 % Regular (Limit up to Rs. 30.00 Lacs)
1 - 20 Yrs. Floating 10.25 % Regular (Up to Rs 75 lakh - 10.25%
Above rs 75 Lakh - 10.50%)
5 - 10 Yrs. Fixed 11.25 % Regular (Limit up to Rs. 30.00 Lacs)
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