Indian Bank Home Loan
Indian Bank home loan scheme enable you to you to cherish your dream of owning a house. Individuals, salaried class, businessmen, professionals and self-employed people, who have a working experience of 3 years or have completed a minimum period of service can avail this scheme. Bank also offers loan to pensioners who have good net worth / repayment capacity. However the pensioner needs to produce a guarantee / NOC from his legal heir in order to avail the loan. You can take the loan for purchasing a new house / flat or for repairing the existing one. In case you are planning to construct the house then also you can apply for the home loan by Indian bank.
Interest Rate 10.2%
Loan Amount a)upto Rs. 20 lakhs : 10%
b) above Rs. 20 lakhs upto Rs.75 lakhs : 20%
c) above Rs.75 lakhs: 25%
Tenure Min. - 5 Yrs.
Max. - 20 Yrs.
Interest Rates
Tenure Interest Type Interest Rate Offer
1 - 25 Yrs. Fixed 11.2 % Regular (up to 75 lakhs - 11.20%

Above 75 lakhs - 11.45%)
1 - 25 Yrs. Floating 10.2 % Regular (up to 75 lakhs - 10.20%

Above Rs 75 lakh - 10.45%
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