United Bank of India Home Loan
The bank offers loans for:

*For purchase/construction / extension/ repairs /renovations/furnishing of residential house / flat including the purchase of land and construction thereon.
*Supplementary finance to complete the project financed by the employer.
*Takeover of the Housing Loan from other Banks/Housing Finance Companies, Housing Boards.
*Purchase/take-on of long term lease (min. 10 yrs) of house/flat from Govt. Bodies/PSUs (unexpired lease period should exceed at least 5 years than repayment period of loan).
*For purchase/construction of 2nd house/flat.
Interest Rate 0%
Loan Amount 15% of the Project Cost if the loan amount does not exceed Rs. 25 lac and 20% of the project cost if loan amount exceeds Rs.25 lac
Tenure Min. - 1 Yrs.
Max. - 25 Yrs.
Interest Rates
Tenure Interest Type Interest Rate Offer
1 - 5 Yrs. Floating 10.25 % Regular (Above 75 lacs - 10.50%)
15 - 25 Yrs. Floating 10.25 % Regular (Above 75 lacs - 10.50%)
5 - 15 Yrs. Floating 10.25 % Regular (Above 75 lacs - 10.50%)
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