Andhra Bank Personal Loan
Andhra Bank provides personal loans to provide consumer credit to individuals having an assured source of regular income to acquire consumer durables such as purchase of brand new consumer durables like Refrigerators, TVs, wooden and steel furniture, washing machines, Mixer and grinders, Cooking ranges and other house hold equipments.
  Salaried Self Employed
Loan Scheme Consumer Loan Clean Loan
Loan Type Term Loan Term Loan
Loan Amount Maximum amount of loan that is provided is :
#10 month gross salary in case of salaried class or cost of the article whichever is less.
#4 months pension in case of pensioners
#40% of the annual income in case of other persons
2 times average annual proven income (Annual income as average of last three years income shown in IT returns/ assessment orders).
Tenure Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Interest Rate Min. - 15.75 %
Max. - 16 %
Min. - 13 %
Time to Process Loan 4 days 4 days
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