Catholic Syrian Bank Personal Loan
Catholic Syrian Bank offers personal loans to permanent employees of reputed firms and institutions with minimum three years of confirmed service.
The purpose of the loan is to meet the personal necessities of the applicant.
Maximum loan amount is 10 times of gross monthly salary.
Personal guarantee of one confirmed employee is required. Either borrower or guarantor should have completed five years of confirmed service. One person shall not guarantee loans of more than two borrowers.
The loan should be repaid in within a maximum period of 60 months.
Total deductions including the instalments of the proposed loan should not exceed 50% of gross salary.
  Salaried Self Employed
Loan Scheme Consumer loan Consumer loan
Loan Type Term Loan Term Loan
Loan Amount Maximum loan amount is 10 times of gross monthly salary. Min. - Rs 50000
Max. - Rs 2500000
Tenure Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Interest Rate Min. - 18.25 %
Max. - 18.25 %
Min. - 18.25 %
Max. - 18.25 %
Time to Process Loan 4 days 4 days
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