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Indian Overseas Bank provides personal loans in two categories: Clean Loan and Consumption Loan-Sahayika. The loan is provided for meeting social financial commitments such as marriage in the family, education of children, medical treatment etc. The loan can be availed for any financial commitment with in the ambit of law. Bank does not verify the purpose declared.
  Salaried Self Employed
Loan Scheme Clean loan Consumption Loans-Sahayika
Loan Type Term Loan Term Loan
Loan Amount The max. loan amount is ten times of salary or Rs.15.00 lac whichever is lower or for LIC agents, the maximum loan is up to 10 times average monthly commission or Rs.5.00 lakh whichever is lower. Max. - Rs 1000000
Tenure Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Interest Rate Min. - 15.25 %
Max. - 15.25 %
Min. - 14 %
Max. - 14 %
Time to Process Loan 7 days 7 days
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