Bank of Baroda Saving Accounts
Bank of Baroda has seven types of savings account namely Baroda Centenary Savings Account, Savings Bank Account, Super Savings Account, Nagrik Bachat Khata, Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Account, Baroda Advantage Savings Account and Baroda Bachat Mitra. These accounts have been designed to cater to the needs of different people.

The Baroda Centenary Savings Account is a superior savings account with key features like auto sweep facility, auto reverse sweep benefit, free collection of outstation cheques, etc. The Savings Bank Account is the simplest deposit option with zero balance facility and is easy to operate. However the bank has certain terms and conditions for this account like minimum balance to be maintained, etc. Super Savings Account is for high value resident customers. The account can only be opened at banks computerized branches at Metro and Urban centers. The main features of the account include no charges for issuance of demand drafts/ Banker’s cheques, free transfer of funds through mail transfers / telegraphic transfers, free Baroda Money Express, etc. Nagrik Bachat Khata is a no frill account without any hidden charges. Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Account is a special salary account with an in built overdraft facility for the salaried persons. Baroda Bachat Mitra can be opened single or jointly. There is an overdraft facility secured by assurance of term deposit in this savings account.
Baroda Centenary Savings Account Savings Bank Account
Super Savings Account Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Account
Nagrik Bachat Khata Advantage Savings Account
STAR POWER SALARY ACCOUNT Baroda Jeevan Suraksha Savings Bank Account
Baroda bachat Mitra Baroda Pensioners Savings Bank Account
  Bank of Baroda : Baroda Centenary Savings Account
  • This product is available at all CBS branches in India.
  • Auto sweep: Auto transfer of funds exceeding certain fixed amount to Term Deposit to provide high yield on such funds.
  • Auto reverse sweep in case of need to honour Cheque to Savings account from Term Deposit.
  • Free collection of outstation cheques drawn in favour of account holder (postage out of pocket expenses are recoverable).
  • IMMEDIATE CREDIT of outstation cheques upto Rs.25,000/-, as per norms.
  • Interest is paid on Quarterly basis.

  Bank of Baroda : Savings Bank Account
  • Simplest deposit option available to the depositor.
  • Easy to operate. Terms and conditions kept lucid to facilitate a layman's understanding. No hidden costs.
  • Zero balance facility.
  • Your deposits are insured by DICGC.
  • Option for money withdrawal by withdrawal forms or by cheque.
  • An ideal option to cultivate the habit of banking and saving amongst the younger generation.
  • At more than 100 branches across the country we offer Universal Teller System where cash transactions up to Rs. 25000/- carried out under single window concept.
  • Provision for nomination.

  Bank of Baroda : Super Savings Account
  • The product is in the nature of superior Savings Bank Account with added value propositions to high value resident customers. The product is available at our computerized branches at Metro and Urban centers only.
  • No charges for issuance of Demand Drafts (drawn on Indian branches) / Banker's Cheques to meet personal needs of the customers.
  • Free transfer of funds to any branch of our bank by Mail Transfers / Telegraphic Transfers (usual telegram charges to be recovered).
  • Free Baroda Money Express.
  • Free collection of outstation cheques drawn in favour of a/c holder.
  • Complimentary BoB PARAS Credit Card (no card issuance charges are to be levied for the first year).
  • Free personal accident insurance cover during first year (with credit card): All a/c holders will be issued free PARAS Credit Card, which offers a personal accident coverage of Rs. 250000/- to credit card holders. Insurance cover will, thus, be available to SSB a/c holders, free of cost during the first year of the a/c.
  • Auto / Reverse Sweep: Auto transfer of funds exceeding certain fixed amount to short deposit and auto retransfer to the account from short deposit, in case funds are required in the account to bring you higher interest with high liquidity.

  Bank of Baroda : Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Account
  • This product is available in all our CBS and BIBAS branches in different metros and urban cities.
  • Overdraft facility available upto Rs 1 lac.
  • Earn interest on credit balance account as per saving bank a/c rules.
  • Free Chequebooks for routine requirement.
  • No minimum balance requirement in the account.
  • No ceiling on the amount to be deposited and credit balance in the a/c.

  Bank of Baroda : Nagrik Bachat Khata
  • Services designed to cater to a vast majority of Indian population.
  • Banking simplified.
  • Open account with an initial amount of just Rs. 50/-
  • Zero service charges for non-maintenance of a minimum balance of Rs. 50/-

  Bank of Baroda : Advantage Savings Account
  • For CBS branches only.
  • Multicity Cheque Facility at over 100 + centers.
  • Roaming Facility: Deposit or withdrawal of cash / cheques; transfer of funds; obtaining demand drafts / bankers cheques; make account enquiries.
  • Internet Banking: Transfer of funds to linked accounts / third party accounts, Summarized view of all accounts, requests for Cheque book, Fixed deposit renewal, Account opening application form, account enquiries, down loading of account statement etc.
  • Free International Debit card.

  • No Ledger Folio/ Transactions charges.
  • Free India Card (Charge Card).
  • Unlimited ATM and Internet Transactions.
  • Free Access to non-BOI ATMs under Cash Tree.
  • Free Demat Account (for the first year): At select centers only. Free Multi city Cheque would be available to those employees whose Average Quarterly Balance is Rs.50,000/- or more
  • Facility for Online Trading of Shares.
  • Free cheque pickups/deliveries - once a day (cheque drop boxes to be installed in the Office).
  • TOD Facility - equal to previous month's net salary @ Personal Loan Rate: Conditions apply.- For TOD Facility, the employee's total deductions should not be more than 65% of his total salary. Branch Managers to use their discretion based on the conduct of the Salary A/c.
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover (as per Debit Card & India Card privileges).
  • Free Utility Bills Payment through e-Pay Facility.
  • Waiver of processing charges and/or concession in R/Interest upto 25 basis points for group processing of Retail Loans of the employees. - ZMs to use their discretion.

  Bank of Baroda : Baroda Jeevan Suraksha Savings Bank Account

Facility of getting Life Insurance Cover from “IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd” upto an amount of Rs. 5.00 lac

  Bank of Baroda : Baroda bachat Mitra

  Bank of Baroda : Baroda Pensioners Savings Bank Account

  • Opening of account by Rs. 5/- only

  • Immediate credit of outstation cheques upto Rs. 25000/- as per Bank's norms

  • Auto sweep out beyond threshold limit of Rs. 3000/- to short deposit of 180 days in multiple of Rs. 1000/- and in case of requirement in SB A/c auto reverse sweep in multiple of Rs. 1000/= on LIFO pattern

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