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  HSBC Bank : HSBC Savings Account
  • The HSBC Savings Account has no hidden costs:
    • You can automatically transfer extra savings from your savings account to a fixed deposit, through a standing instruction, to enable you to earn higher interest.
    • You are also eligible for a fee waiver on HSBC credit cards.
    • Introducing Card-to-Card Transfer facility - a funds transfer service that enables you to transfer money in an easy, fast, convenient and safe manner using the VISA MONEY TRANSFER service from VISA.
    • HSBC Demat Account services with waiver on account opening charges.
    • Keep track of your account with free quarterly account statements.
    • Free personalized chequebook.
    • Buy mutual fund products offered by select mutual fund houses.
    • Choose from a range of insurance products offered by Tata AIG.
    • Manage your account, make transactions, pay your bills and much more by taking advantage of HSBC's free Internet Banking facilities.
  • International debit card: Use the international debit card to make purchases at 3,50,000 merchant establishments in India and at 26 million across the world. Withdraw cash from over 23,500 HSBC/Visa/Plus ATMs in India and from over 1 million VISA ATMs across the world.
  • Credit card: Get an HSBC credit card that lets you access your Savings Account at HSBC ATMs worldwide. Perform banking transactions like cash withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfer of funds. You can also withdraw cash from your HSBC Current / Savings Account at any of our VISA / MasterCard ATMs worldwide.
  • Special relationship discounts: Our HSBC customers (for 6 months or more) are entitled to a 0.5% discount on the upfront processing fee for Home loans and Personal/Professional loans and on the annual service charges for Asset Link.

  HSBC Bank : No Frills Savings Account
  • The HSBC No Frills Savings Account has no hidden costs.
  • You can access your account through any VISA ATM in India with your HSBC debit card. One FREE debit card will be available per account.
  • Two FREE transactions (excluding balance enquiries) per month at HSBC ATMs.
  • Internet Banking and Phone Banking facility each available at a nominal annual fee of Rs. 99 only.
  • 1 FREE branch transaction per month. This transaction should be of the nature of cash deposit only. Additional transactions (over and above the 1 FREE transaction), will be charged a fee of Rs. 50 per transaction.
  • Keep track of your account with Free quarterly statements. You also have an option to receive E-Statements.

  HSBC Bank : SmartMoney Account
  • Higher interest rates: Open a SmartMoney Account with a minimum fixed deposit of Rs. 25,000 and get high returns. We have special rates for special tenors.
  • Free savings accounts: Get a free savings account, without having to maintain any minimum balance.
  • Up to 90% overdraft: You can withdraw up to 90% through an overdraft facility. You can pay interest only on the amount overdrawn, while you earn interest on 100% of your fixed deposit.
  • Anytime access: Access your SmartMoney Account 24 hours a day through our ATMs, Phone Banking, Internet Banking. You also get your own personalised chequebook.
  • Free HSBC credit card: Make the most of your hard-earned money with money saving features and value added benefits.
  • Free HSBC International debit card: The HSBC International debit card allows you to withdraw up to Rs. 25,000 per day, with higher withdrawal limits for PowerVantage and HSBC Premier customers.
  • Free online bill payment services: Make all your bill payments online and avoid the hassles of physical payments. It's convenient and quick.

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