Indian Bank Saving Accounts
Power Account Health Plus Savings
Resident Foreign Currency Account IB Smart Kid SB a/c
Savings Bank Account SB silver
SB Gold
  Indian Bank : Power Account
  • Instant credit of outstation cheques upto Rs.20,000/-
  • Sanction within 24 hours of Clean loan facility upto Rs.25,000/- repayable within a maximum period of 10 months at interest rate of PLR + 1% (presently 12.50%)
  • No processing charges while availing various structured loan products such as Home Loan, Consumer Loan and Vehicle Loan.
  • Free of charge value-added ATM card attracting discounts for purchases with well establised business concerns in major metro cities, discount in internet telephone card, concession in internet surfing charges with leading internet cafes.

  Indian Bank : Health Plus Savings
  • A Free family Health Plus Savings Card will be issued to the account holder with photograph of the account holder affixed and the names of eligible family members.
  • Discount on Master Medical Check-up and some other diagnostic services as extended by some selected hospitals will be available on producing health plus saving card at prescribed hospitals to the customer's choice on any number of occasions (The card must be renewed every year).

  Indian Bank : Resident Foreign Currency Account
  • Account can be opened by the NRI on return to India for permanent settlement.
  • Account held in foreign currency.
  • Accounts can be opened by transfer of NRE/FCNR funds or by remitting foreign currency notes or travellers cheques.
  • Proceeds of assets held outside India at the time of return can be credited to RFC account.
  • Accounts held in the form of Savings/Fixed Deposit accounts.
  • Funds can be freely remitted abroad for approved purposes.
  • Pension, rentals and other monetary benefits received from abroad in favour of the account holder can be credited to this account.
  • The funds in RFC accounts are free from all restrictions regarding utilisation of foreign currency balances including any restriction on investment in any form outside India.
  • Forward Exchange cover facility is available.

  Indian Bank : IB Smart Kid SB a/c

  • Add-on-facility- Remittance by DD/BPO of school / college fees at par.

  • Transfer of funds from parents / guardians account to the children’s account allowed at par.

  •   Indian Bank : Savings Bank Account

  • Collection of local cheques free

  • 50 withdrawals permitted free per half year

  • No TDS on interest earned on SB deposits

  • Multicity cheque facility Intra city, intercity transactions,Internet/ mobile /phone banking facilities are available at all branches

  •   Indian Bank : SB silver

  • Free Personal Accident Insurance cover for Rs. 1 Lakh

  • Free issue of 1 DD for a maximum amount of Rs. 5000- per year.

  •   Indian Bank : VIKAS SAVINGS KHATA

  • No charges for Intra city transactions

  • One demand draft / BPO free of commission for issue to third parties

  • 10 transactions per month allowed free of charges.

  •   Indian Bank : SB platinum

  • Daily sweep available min Rs.5000 and multiples

  • Customer can issue the cheque freely upto the balance in the MOD (multi option deposit ) plus the balance in the SB account.

  • Life insurance cover for Rs. 1 lakh for age group 15 to 45 years and Personal Accident Insurance cover for Rs.1 lakh “IB Chhatra”for age group 12 to 70 years.

  •   Indian Bank : SB Gold

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