Jammu & Kashmir Bank Saving Accounts
Jammu and Kashmir bank savings account can be opened by individuals singly or jointly, minor through guardian or himself if above 10 years of age, illiterate persons, and Blind persons, associations, clubs, societies, trusts, etc. The account can be opened with an initial amount of Rs 100/- to Rs 500/-. Bank offers anywhere banking facility, ATM/ Debit card, telebanking, cheque book to the accountholders.

Bank has no frill account known as SB Ujala. The account can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs 50/-. A person needs to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 50 to keep the account operational. Under this account, 4 withdrawals per month are allowed. The account holders who maintain average quarterly balance of Rs 1000 and above for 6 months can avail cheque book facility.
Savings Bank Deposit Scheme SB Ujala -No Frills Account
deluxe savings account General Small Account
Deluxe Salary Account
  Jammu & Kashmir Bank : Savings Bank Deposit Scheme
    Convenient and easy to operate account to save time and money. Suitable for irregular income group No time bar on depositing or withdrawing money.
  • Anywhere banking facility.
  • Telebanking facility.

  Jammu & Kashmir Bank : SB Ujala -No Frills Account
  • A variant of Saving Bank account to ensure financial inclusion and to strive for making banking services easily accessible to all segments of society.
  • Minimum initial deposit is Rs.50/-. However, customers also allowed to open the account with a banking instruments like Banker's cheque, etc. However, minimum balance of Rs 50/- is mandatory to keep the account operational.
  • 4 withdrawals permissible per month.
  • Cheque book facility available to account holder/s maintaining average quarterly balance of Rs.1000/- and above for past 6 months.

  Jammu & Kashmir Bank : deluxe savings account

  Jammu & Kashmir Bank : General Small Account

  Jammu & Kashmir Bank : Deluxe Salary Account

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