Karur Vysya Bank Saving Accounts
Karur Vysya Bank offers range of savings bank account designed to help people save their hard-earned money safely, securely and conveniently. You get option to choose bank account according to your financial needs. Bank offers best-in-class services through its wide network of branches and ATMs across India.

Banks range of savings account includes – Freedom savings account, Student savings account for students, Regular saving account for general public, Rainbow savings account – an account with all good features of a Savings Bank Account and a Fixed Deposit Account that offers "High liquidity with maximum returns", Yuvashakti SB account for young customers, Smart savings bank account a special zero balance account with specific features for corporate salary accounts and No frills account – Kalpataru an account for simple people.
Freedom Saving Account Regular Saving Account
Student Savings Account Rainbow Savings Account
Yuvashakti SB Account Smart Savings Bank Accoun
No Frills Account - Kalpataru Shakthi account
Jumbo kids saving account Prestige savings account
Shakthi Account
  Karur Vysya Bank : Freedom Saving Account
  • Cheque book with 100 leaves free p.a.
  • Debit Card with your account
  • Net Banking for all transactions
  • Mobile Banking credit and debit alerts
  • Free use KVB ATMs and 5 transactions free in the ATMs under VISA and NFS cluster
  • Monthly statement of accounts – hard Copy
  • Monthly financial statement via e-mail
  • Standing instructions to the Manimala deposit scheme at no extra cost

  Karur Vysya Bank : Regular Saving Account
  • Can be opened in the names of individuals singly / jointly / with either or survivor options
  • VISA Debit cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking facilities are available.
  • Cash remittance from non-base branch is permitted upto Rs. 10000/- p.m.

  Karur Vysya Bank : Student Savings Account
  • Top-up facility for your mobile phone at any KVB ATM subject to charges applicable from time to time
  • Periodic e-statement of accounts as per your requirement
  • You can receive credits through a standing instruction given by your parent to the bank

  Karur Vysya Bank : Rainbow Savings Account
  • A perfect blend of all the good features of a Savings Bank Account and a Fixed Deposit Account that offers "High liquidity with maximum returns".
  • Can be opened in the names of individuals singly / jointly / with either or survivor options
  • After retaining a minimum balance of Rs.3000/- in the SB portion of the account, amounts in multiples of Rs.5000/- will be swept out to FD portion for a period of 91 days at EOD every Monday.
  • In the event of honouring cheques issued in the SB account, sweep in into the SB account will be in units of Rs.1000/- in LIFO method.
  • Free Accident Insurance coverage of Rs.2.00 lakhs
  • At par collection of Dividend and Interest Warrants

  Karur Vysya Bank : Yuvashakti SB Account
  • Zero balance to open the account.
  • International VISA Debit card comes along with the account.
  • E-commerce facilities at no extra cost including e-ticketing, e-shopping, utility bill payment.
  • Top-up facility for your mobile phone at any KVB ATM.
  • Payable at Par multicity cheque facility without any limit.
  • Inter-bank transfer of funds without any limit
  • A DEMAT account can be opened with the bank account at no extra cost.

  Karur Vysya Bank : Smart Savings Bank Accoun
  • Free Transfer Of funds
  • Free Bill Pay Service
  • Upfront Salary Credit Facility Available – Upto a maximum of 50% of the last salary credited. (Subject to conditions)*
  • Free NEFT – 3 Transactions per month

  Karur Vysya Bank : No Frills Account - Kalpataru
  • No restriction will be imposed with regard to number of transactions in these accounts.
  • This account will not be provided with ATM/ VISA debit card facility.
  • This account will not have multi-city status.
  • This account will not be eligible for cheque book facility

  Karur Vysya Bank : Shakthi account

  • Free Demat Account (first year)

  • Free accidental death insurance cover of Rs.1.00 lakh

  • Up to 0.50% concession on purchase of gold coin / bar of 50 grams and above (total)

  • Rs.500/- Processing charges on loans – flat & irrespective of the limit for Personal Loans linked to this account.

  •   Karur Vysya Bank : Jumbo kids saving account

      Karur Vysya Bank : Prestige savings account

  • Concession in Processing charges for Retail Loan accounts - 50%

  • Accidental insurance cover Free accidental death and disability insurance upto Rs. 2.00 lakhs and treatment on hospitalization due to accident upto Rs. 20,000/-

  • Cash remittance at non-base branches upto Rs. 10 lakhs per month

  •   Karur Vysya Bank : Shakthi Account

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