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Union Bank of India has three types of saving account- multi gains savings account, no frills savings account and union super salary account. Bank has categorized the savings account keeping in mind needs of different people. The multi gain savings account is basically a general savings account in which one has to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 25000/-. The interest is paid quarterly. Bank of offers free services along with saving accounts such as an international debit card is issued free to the account holder, local / outstation cheques of up to Rs.15000/- will be collected free of charge, the account holder is provided with 10 cheque books free of cost during a financial year, etc.
Multi Gains Savings Account Union Super Salary Account
No Frills Savings Account United Basic SB Account
union flexi deposit Union Family Savings Scheme
  Union Bank of India : Multi Gains Savings Account

  • Multi Gains Savings Account (MGSA) Scheme requires maintaining a minimum balance of Rs.25000/- to be maintained in a savings account.

  • You can either upgrade your existing savings account to MGSA by filling in a simple declaration form OR open a new MGSA account.

  • A Credit Card will be issued free for the first year with a limit of Rs.25000/- to the individual OR to either of the joint account holder.

  • An International Debit Card will be issued free to the individual account holder OR either of the joint account holder wherever the ATM facility is available.

  • Interest will be paid for unforseen delays in collection of instruments of MGSA account holders.

  • If you desire, your MGSA account can be transferred to any of our branches in India free of cost.

  • You are eligible for free transfer of funds up to Rs. 50,00,000/- per month.

  Union Bank of India : Union Super Salary Account
  • Comprehensive Welcome Kit, containing International Debit Card, Internet Banking (Union e-Banking) PIN, Phone Banking (Union Dial) PIN and Multicity Cheque Book, is provided to the USSA holder at the time of opening. The Welcome Kit facilitates the USSA holder Any Where/Any Time Banking of his choice.
  • USSA holder can use his Debit Card at over 1000 Union Bank ATMs at various locations in India free of cost.
  • USSA holder can also access around 24000 ATMs in India bearing Cash Tree, SBI and VISA logo, and over 1 million ATMs globally bearing VISA logo.
  • USSA holder can transact through internet (Union e-Banking) from his place of residence/work or anywhere, any time.
  • USSA holder can, by dialling the telephone numbers specified, enjoy the benefits of phone banking (Union Dial).
  • USSA holder can use his multicity cheques for cash withdrawals/ payments at any CBS branch located in all prime centres in India.
  • USSA holder can apply for an overdraft facility to the extent of 90% of the net salary credited in the previous month, which will be considered at the discretion of the Bank.
  • USSA can be opened with Zero Balance.
  • USSA does not have minimum balance stipulation.
  • USSA Opens doors for a wide range of additional financial services, such as Retail Loans (Home, Vehicle, Comfort), Insurance (life/non-life), Mutual Funds, Demat, Online Trading etc., subject to usual terms.
  • USSA is offered to all CBS branches across the country.
  • Union Bank of India reserves it’s right to change/alter/withdraw the terms and conditions of the scheme.

  Union Bank of India : No Frills Savings Account
  • All resident individuals eligible to open a "No frills saving account" subject to the conditions that only one member of the family can open such account in single/joint name/s.
  • Number of free customer induced debit entries will be restricted to 30 per half year including debit entries through ECS/ATM. Entries above 30 will be charged @ Rs.5/- per entry.
  • Total credits in the account should not exceed Rs.100000/- in a year.
  • There is no restriction on entries for deposit of Cash/Cheques in the account.
  • The balance in all the accounts of the accountholders taken together in the bank should not exceed Rs.50,000/-.
  • Note: If at any point of time the balance in the NO FRILL ACCOUNT exceeds Rs.50,000/- or total credits in the account in a year exceed Rs.100,000/-, the account will be treated as normal saving bank account and the facilities attached to "NO FRILLS" will not be available.

  Union Bank of India : United Basic SB Account

  Union Bank of India : union flexi deposit

  • TDS is applicable on the deposits in the linked FD Flexi Account

  • No loan / overdraft / lien will be permitted against the linked FD Flexi Account under this Scheme

  •   Union Bank of India : Union Family Savings Scheme

  • Minimum 2 & maximum 6 family members (accounts) can form a group under this scheme.

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