The Old Man Monetary
An adventure story about a young boy Arth, how he traces the evolution of money and finds out its importance.
In The City Of Ur
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In The City Of Ur
By Neelima Shankar

In The City Of Ur


When they reached the top of one of the dunes and looked down the other side, they were astonished at what they saw. The other side was in bright daylight, while behind them was the dark night sky lit up with stars and the belt of Orion.

They stepped into the bright sun, excitement and delight on their faces as they walked down. Soon they saw a city, a green oasis in the middle of the burning desert.

"This is the city of Ur. This is where it all began", said the Old Man. Arth, remembering the promise, dared not ask him what began here.

On entering the city, they saw temples, gardens and houses where people lived. The city was flanked by two rivers, which provided water to the land.

The people of the city had many different occupations. Some were shepherds, others were farmers while others still were bakers, weavers, potters, tool makers and scribes, and many more.

Arth, Uruk and the Old Man found themselves in the market place. There, a cowherd by the name of Dumuzi, was talking to himself.

"I have two healthy cows. With them, I can get enough grain for my family for a whole week", he said.

"How could he get grain from cows?" Arth wondered.

Shortly Nulishu, a shepherd, arrived on the scene. Nulishu had ten goats which he offered Dumuzi in exchange for his cows.


The Old Man Monetary is copyright of Reserve Bank of India and is posted here in public interest and to spread banking awareness among kids.

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