Existing customers of ICICI will also face the rate hike
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Zikinellelmmwqf (Posted: Jul 5, 2013)
ICICI bank is the biggest theif in our country. They have double standerds like "Sabjiwalla in sabji mandi", "rs11/kilo bargain they will give you in 10.5".
Gopal Rohra (Posted: Nov 5, 2008)
I am also one of the victim of rate hike from ICICI, when i took the loan in the year 2006 November, it was 9.5% and since then it has started moving higher and higher and presently i have been charged with 13.5% which is the highest in the industry.
even if i transfer this loan to any other bank ICICI still demands me to pay 2.25% of the existing principal amount, which until now the same from the date of commencement of my loan, and that 2.25% works out to 1 year payout that i would save by switching over.
i am sure that ICICI is not going to lower their rates in future as well, because now their goal is not towards increasing loan portfolio, their main goal is to increase deposits and mobilize savings through S/B A/c's. so please please do not opt of ICICI for any new loans.
Pradeep (Posted: Nov 1, 2008)
ICICI bank has increased the home loan floating rate of interest since last march 2007 till in upward trend.
Last year March 2007 it is 8.75% (25 Lacs/20 Years)
in April 2007 it is 9%, then in May it is 9.5% and June it is 10%. July onwards it is 10.5% and August onwards it is 11%.
Form August 2007 to June 2008 it is 11% and in June 2008 it has increased to 12.5%. At present it is continuing.

So please note that they have increased the interest rate every month by 0.5% and never reduced the rate.

I want to know any customer whose interest rate for home loan in floating category has been reduced by ICICI after it started giving home loan.

So my dear home loan customers think twice before taking loan home laon.
Rajesh (Posted: Oct 31, 2008)

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